Life Changing

A Changed body, a changed life, a community of support, and a deeper understanding of how God plays a role in all of it.

Let’s get real.

Is Running or Walking a 5K on your bucket list but don’t know where to start? The Run for God 5K Challenge meets you where you are and shows you that big goals are possible with the right community and focus. The result is a changed body, a changed life, a community of support, and a deeper understanding of how God plays a role in all of it.

The Schedule.

The 5K Challenge is perfect for just about anyone who has ever had a desire to finish a 5K. We encourage anyone, from those who have never run before to those who already have a background in running to join the The 5K Challenge Group so that you can realize your goal, dream, or bucket list item. Imagine having thousands of people encouraging you along the way as you progress towards the same goal in unison. This is the perfect way to get to that 5K finish line!

Our story.

Since 2010, Run for God has been known for making big dreams come true. Our proven plans and coaching have now been taught to over 200,000 students in over 6,000 communities around the world. We've taken thousands of "I can't do that" and turned them into "I just did."

Ryan Hall - 3X Olympian, Current USA Marathon Record Holder

"Run for God has been a big encouragement to me throughout my career."

Our coaches.

You will notice pretty quickly that there are two different coaching styles during this journey. This was done completely on purpose and for an excellent reason. It is our hope that our approach has led us to a more thorough and well-thought plan than one person would accomplish.

A note to walkers.

What’s the only difference between walkers and runners?

Typical week.

We all want to know what’s coming, so here is a preview of what a typical week might look like.

The cost.

There is no additional cost for the Couch to Marathon training plan. All educational instruction, training plans, accountability, and even entry into Run at the Mill in April (should you decide to come) is included in your RunClub Membership.

Can you see yourself crossing the finish line?

Take a sneak peak into what RunClub is all about. Here’s a hint. It’s way more than just running.